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Hello and welcome to! We are very happy that you made it to our website which we built to make sure that you VIP players finds the best VIP casino which suits you the best. On this website we will post lots of information about what it means to be a VIP casino player, and how you can get the most from an online casino being a VIP player. We also post continuous updates about the best VIP casinos online, this is available on our VIP casino news page where VIP casino cards
you will find frequent updates about VIP casino bonuses and promotions, and other information relevant to you as a VIP casino player.


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We have years of expertise playing VIP style at online casino sites, and know a lot about what a VIP casino needs to be very clear on to fully satisfy a VIP casino player. On this site, we have a list of VIP casino sites that we compiled based on a large scale research that we conducted on all VIP casinos online, we ended up with just a few that we know can offer the best possible VIP casino experience to you. When we did this research to find out which VIP casino sites where the best one for true VIP players, we took a lot of parameters into account, such as customer service, VIP management, retention, casino presentation, welcome bonuses, VIP club and much more. These parameters where individually investigated on each site to be 100% sure that you are being offered the best online gambling experience there is!¨

What does it mean to be a VIP casino player?

Being a VIP casino player doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose a lot of money, it basically means that you and the online casino sites consider you to be a player who likes to take big risks for high rewards. This doesn’t really mean that you have to lose a lot, you might as well end up winning a lot of money,VIP badge however a good VIP casino would still consider you to be a VIP player based on the stakes that you are playing on, and how much you decide to play. We gather the VIP casino sites that will treat you like a high roller, and offer you the appropriate VIP casino bonuses frequently, regardless of how much you win or lose. The VIP casinos that are less good at working with high rollers only focuses on the ones that actually do lose money fast, however we think that this isn’t fair, because the base of being a VIP player at an online casino is not about whether or not you are losing money, its more about how much you are willing to risk.

Let’s say that the average UK customer deposits £50, obviously with the risk of losing it all, but also to win around £500 or more, as a VIP casino player, you can risk £5000, but instead with higher chances of winning £50 000 or more. These figures are only for example, and doesn’t reflect any real scenario, with that said, it is still perfectly possible to walk out from a casino with 10 times more money than what you entered with.

High roller games at VIP casino sites

Some games are certainly more suitable for high stakes and gives you as a VIP casino player a better and more desirable experience, this mostly comes down to your own preferences, however with our expertise within the area, we can give you some helpful tools and guidelines in order to raise your chances of being a big winning VIP casino player!

Games which we consider to be better adapted for true VIP casino gamblers generally have a higher volatility. Volatility is a parameter that is used to describe the payout frequency in relation to the payout amount in a video slot, if we consider this parameter alongside the fact that the “house” has an edge, we have concluded that high volatile games with high bet limits are more suitable for VIP players. The reason to why we say this, is because if you as a VIP casino gambler wants to take a high risk and have a high amount of cash to spend on this risk, then you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a game that pays almost all the time, but never pays enough for you to actually profit in the long run, this just means that you will lose money slowly but safely. If you decide to play a high volatile game, then maybe 1-5 of all game rounds in your long high betting session pays out amazing amounts, and is much more rewarding than all those small winnings you might have gathered in a low volatile video slot.

immortal romance slot

As a VIP casino player we deeply recommend that you try out games such as Wish Master, Immortal Romance, Raging Rhino and Dead or Alive. These games are all very high volatile games, and if you are lucky, you will experience the true high roller winnings. Games to avoid as a VIP casino player are games such as Bloodsuckers and Tower Quest. It is of course still possible to win in low volatile slot machines as well, however you need more constant luck over a long period of time for it to make the same difference as with high volatile games.

On another note, we know that lots of VIP casino players prefer to play live casino and other versions of table games. Blackjack and Roulette definitely have space in the online casino sites that are specially made to give VIP casino gamblers a more rich feeling where you feel safer betting high amounts on each game round. A good thing with Roulette and Blackjack, is that you can, to an extent, decide your own volatility. If you decide to play only on red or black all the time then you have a high chance of winning, however you only double your bet amount if you win, you can also decide to play with more risk, betting on specific numbers or rows. In black jack, you really don’t have as much power of the volatility in the game as with roulette, and we don’t really recommend playing with that single purpose in black jack, simply because there is an optimal strategy that overrules the importance of controlling your volatility.

We hope that this information helps you with deciding what to play in a VIP casino, being a VIP casino gambler leads to some extremely exciting moments which is definitely worth chasing! We will keep posting more information that most certainly is useful to you being a VIP gambler, check out our news page to get more guidelines on how you can have the best VIP casino experience!

Deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses for a VIP casino gambler.

As a VIP casino player, you can expect to receive lots of exciting offers, especially from our listed top VIP casino sites. They recognize a true VIP player when they see one, and knows very well what kind of offers you should be offered to feel comfortable. Deposit bonuses are surely very interesting as a VIP casino gambler, if you are a loyal customer to any of our listed VIP casinos you can expect high deposit bonuses reaching over £1000 in extra bonus cash on deposit! This can give you a huge boost and practically ensures some very exciting hours ahead. No-deposit bonuses are also more frequently given out to VIP casino players, not only more frequently but also with more value.
vip casino bonus

Before, NetEnt could only provide functionality to online casino sites to give out free spins with the lowest possible bet amount in their slot machines, however recent upgrades have given online casinos the possibilities to offer free spins that have much higher value, as a VIP customer you might notice that the free spins that you are being offered can have up to 10 times more value for each spin than with normal free spins, this makes a huge difference. With this, don’t disregard casino campaigns only because the free spins amount might not be as high as you expected, always check if the free spins have higher than normal value, this could make lots of difference and give you much higher chances of big wins!

New VIP casino sites

Whilst we always recommend the main objective being to try and find an VIP casino site that can offer you great service as a whole where you can stay for a longer time, it is always nice to change environment every now and then, or at least try out some new places and then maybe return to your favorite casino. This can be a good thing to do just to explore the new casino sites out there and get a better understanding of what they offer, why they are unique and if you might get more bonuses and appreciation by playing at new casino sites in difference from your old favorite. If you aren’t doing this, you really have no idea if you are missing out on anything and this is why we recommend it as well. We will of course try and keep you updated here, especially if you are a member of our VIP casino club, if there is anything new and exciting for you out there!

VIP casino deals and recurring offers.

The good VIP casinos online are always making sure that their VIP customers are well treated, and feel happy by playing at their casino sites, this is something that you must not miss being a VIP casino player. Being a high roller, you open up possibilities to receive recurring offers and VIP deals, we will display some examples of good VIP offers below to give you an understanding of how much extra value you can get on top by being a loyal VIP casino gambler. The amazing part of this is that you still receive all other deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, and still get a VIP casino deal on top!
hot deal

Examples of good VIP casino offers, note that you can have more than one of the below at the same time.

  • 10% of your losses as a cash back, or 5% of all your winnings as a winning boost! Credited on a weekly basis, preferably not on a monthly basis.
  • Weekly deposit bonus offer, such as 100% and 50% casino bonuses up to very high amounts, so that you can decide how much you want to use on your own.
  • Being eligible for weekly VIP casino tournaments with good price pools. This can give you a good chance to try out new games other than your favorites and have a good chance of winning a big price on top of the slot winnings.

We hope that you find all this information useful in choosing what and where to play, if you have any questions or want to give us any feedback on our services, make sure to contact us!

We will also keep our news page updated with frequent updates on good deals and VIP casino promotions!

Best of luck! // Lana @

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